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April 24, 2014


Image                     Offer only good for online/catalog orders shipped to a valid address in the continental U.S.   

AMSOIL, the #1 Synthetic Lubrication Marketing Company in America if offering FREE Shipping to online/catalog customers who place orders of $100 or more.  If the order is less than $100 then a standard rate of $8.50 will be charged for shipping.

To see the AMSOIL Product line go to or  Should you desire to purchase product you can call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator Account #9792.








February 14, 2014


AMSOIL, the #1 Synthetic Lubrication Company in America continues to attract one of the top Motorcycle Builders in the United States in using their unmatched performance Motorcycle Products to bolster the performance of Buell Motorcycle and give owners better performance and longer service life.

AMSOIL has partnered with Erik Buell Racing (EBR) to offer AMSOIL products at their official EBR motorcycle dealerships.  As you may know, Erik Buell chose AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil as the factory-fill oil for the engine and transmission of the new EBR 1190RX.

EBR has developed strict servicing guidelines for all EBR dealerships. Therefore, AMSOIL is assigning unprotected EBR dealership accounts to local Dealers who can meet those requirements. A few Dealers have begun contacting EBR dealerships on their own, which is creating confusion for EBR and EBR dealers. Although AMSOIL appreciates Dealers’ entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness, Dealers must refrain from contacting EBR. Dealers not assigned to an EBR account should not attempt to contact any EBR dealership or the EBR corporate office. AMSOIL policy prohibits Dealers from contacting the company’s corporate business partners. According to the Marketing Plan Policies (G47A), Part IV, Section B., number 10, “no Dealer may contact any business partner of AMSOIL INC. unless otherwise authorized.”

For more information about AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils and other AMSOIL Products you can go to, or Should you desire to purchase these products you can call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792 to order and purchase.  You can purchase AMSOIL products at a 25% savings as a Preferred Customer or have your own AMSOIL Business and build a business.


February 4, 2014


Be advised that ALL Motor Oils are NOT THE SAME and people should be cautious when purchasing oils for their vehicle use or you might end up with huge repair bills.
The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) recently issued an advisory for Valvoline NextGen 5W-20 Motor Oil. After twice testing a sample of the oil acquired at a retail store in New Jersey, PQIA determined it did not meet volatility requirements set by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). While the sample passed viscosity and elemental requirements for the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 specifications, its weight losses of 18.4 and 18.3 percent in the NOACK Volatility Test (ASTM D5800) are about 22 percent higher than the 15 percent maximum required for the specifications.
One company publishes all the necessary facts and information about their products and that is the #1Synthetic Lubrication Company in America, AMSOIL, who can proudly say; MADE IN THE USA! For more information about their products you can check out or   Should you desire to purchase AMSOIL products you can call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792. 



AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is now aligned to help Dealers capture even more ground in the landscaping contractor market. The label and supporting materials have been redesigned to make it clear users can choose the mix ratios they’re comfortable with. Contractors can start with the conventional mix ratios (32:1, 40:1, 50:1) they’re comfortable with and transition to the SABER Ratio™ (80:1, 100:1), which offers an uncompromising combination of convenience, savings and protection. Users seeking optimum performance are encouraged to use the SABER Ratio. It delivers fewer emissions, saves money and increases convenience by standardizing the mix ratio across all pre-mix two-stroke equipment. Fuel stabilizer has also been added, further increasing its value.

For further information about this AMSOIL Product and other AMSOIL Products go to or  Should you desire to order this product or other products, call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792.


July 5, 2013


AMSOIL, the leader in Synthetic Lubrication, doesn’t just talk about their products but they have the Statistics to prove their claim how AMSOIL products provide better protection, performance and save the customer money. Over-the-road Diesel Truck tests show using AMSOIL Diesel Oils give a 6.54% improvement in fuel mileage thus saving the owner/operators much on diesel fuel costs. Truck owners who have moved from using Chevron Delo 400, Shell Rotella-T, Cummings Premium Blue to AMSOIL Diesel Oils realize that their hard working Diesel Tractors have much lower operating temperatures, less break down of the oil, less sludge, varnish and gum deposits and their drain intervals are extended at least three times longer than using the others products. Also with over-the-road trucking, a truck could be in Florida today with high heat temperatures and in cold country the next day. They have found they DO NOT have to leave engines running all night to keep the engine lubricated. They can shut down for the night and the next morning have instant oil pressure because of the Low Pour Point of AMSOIL products. In tests done with a Cummings 400-D Big Cam, temperatures went from 290 in the transmission down to 210 using AMSOIL products. Less friction, less drag, less heat, less wear equates to more torque thus more horsepower. Engines DO NOT HAVE TO WORK as hard using AMSOIL Products.  And with Oil Analysis, drain intervals could be extended greater than the three-time interval or petroleum.

Diesel 6.4% Savings

Diesel 6.4% Savings Page 1

Diesel 6.4% Savings Page 2

Diesel 6.4% Savings Page 3

For more information about AMSOIL Diesel Products or other AMSOIL Products you can visit or  Should you desire to purchase any of these products you can call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792 when you place an order.


The AMSOIL diesel fuel additive line boasts several improvements, with AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean (ADF) and AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean + Cold Flow (DFC) featuring new formulations designed to clean both the tough-to-remove deposits surfacing in modern high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) diesel engines and traditional injector deposits. The formulations of AMSOIL Diesel Cetane Boost (ACB) and AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow (ACF) remain unchanged. All four products feature bold new packaging.

AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additives

The importance of good maintenance with Diesel Engines, whether in street trucks or cars, over-the-road trucks or heavy equipment can’t be over emphasized.  Good maintenance means better performance and better mileage.   Increasing mileage in over-the-road trucks by just 1% can equate to a huge money bonus for an Owner/Operator.  All over-the-road trucks must stop at State Weigh Stations for inspection.  Particularly in California, fine are levied by the amount of Soot and Smoke emitting from Stacks on a Truck.  That alone could produce a heavy fine.  Save yourself money with good maintenance.

For further information about these Additives and other AMSOIL Diesel Products and ALL AMSOIL products go to or  Should you desire to order products you can call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792.

July 3, 2013


AMSOIL Testing of their 100% 25,000 mile or one year service life 5W – 30 Engine Oil against other products such as Castrol Edge with Titanium Fluid Strength, Lucas, Mobil 1 Extended Performance, Pennzoil Ultra, Petro Canada Supreme, Quaker State Ultimate Durability, Red Line High Performance, Royal Purple High Performance and Valvoline SynPower, all Synthetic oils shows WHY AMSOIL is superior in performance and cost. Each oil was subjected to the following ASTM test methodologies: Four-Ball Wear Test, Total Base Number, Cold Cranking Viscosity, Thermo-Oxidation and NOACK Volatility Test. Overall costs were determined using a mileage figure of 11,318 miles SO since the AMSOIL has a 25,000 Mile/1 year Service Life, one can double the costs of OTHER oils when looking at overall cost for a one year time period.

Overall Costs Analysis On 5W - 30 Oil

AMSOIL, the Leader in Synthetic Lubrication, continues to provide the BEST Products anywhere to customers across America and Canada.  For further information about these products and others go to or  Should you desire to purchase these products or any of the other AMSOIL products call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792.


New Power Foam

Power Foam

AMSOIL Power Foam® (APF) is formulated with powerful foaming agents that effectively remove stubborn carbon deposits, varnish and gum in combustion intake systems. Especially effective in powersports, small-engine and carbureted-vehicle applications, it helps restore startability and engine smoothness, while maximizing fuel economy and horsepower for improved overall engine performance.
• Cleans deposits caused by ethanol and degraded fuel
• Removes gum and varnish
• Restores startability
• Maximizes horsepower
• Helps improve fuel economy
• Reduces pollution
Because Power Foam is too aggressive for degreasing certain surfaces, new AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Degreaser (ADG) is recommended for degreasing.
• UTVs/ATVs • Boats • Motorcycles • Lawn Equipment • Tractors • Automobiles
Heavy-Duty Degreaser joins the lineup.
AMSOIL Heavy Duty Degreaser

Heavy-Duty Degreaser

New AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Degreaser (ADG) is formulated with powerful and fast-acting solvents, attacking petroleum-based grime on a molecular level to loosen its hold on metal, concrete, engines and other surfaces. Its active d’limonene (citrus) formula makes cleaning easy and leaves a clean scent.
• Dissolves oil, tar and grime
• Removes sticky residue
• Works fast
• Low-VOC formula
• Non-foaming
• Metal Surfaces • Oil-Stained Concrete • Automotive and Truck Engines • Adhesive-Coated Surfaces • Heavy-Duty Equipment • Gears and Chains • Powersports Equipment • Farm Equipment and More
AMSOIL, the Leader in Synthetic Lubrication, continues to provide the BEST Products anywhere to customers across America and Canada.  For further information about these products and others go to or  Should you desire to purchase these products or any of the other AMSOIL products call 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792.

September 10, 2012




AMSOIL Premier Direct Jobber, William Desmond, is pleased to announce a New AMSOIL Dealership in Central Alabama for Dan & Mary Dannenmueller of Wetumpka, Al.  Dan, a retired Military Veteran, is the 2011 – 2012 National Crappie Masters Angler Team Champion along with his partner Bill Braswell of Hazard, Ky.  They currently fish the Crappie Masters Professional Crappie Circuit, which kicks off in January 2013, taking this championship team to 10 states and assorted lakes in those states.

In addition to fishing, Dan has developed and produces, the largest Online Crappie Fishing Magazine, CrappieNow , in America which reaches over 40,000 readers.  You can read and subscribe to the online magazine at:

“AMSOIL is the #1 Synthetic Lubricant in America and using the best to lubricate our team truck, boat, trailer and Yamaha 250 Sho Four-Stroke Motor is only natural to maintain a winning Championship team,” commented  Dan.  “AMSOIL is the leader of Synthetics in America so why not use and sell the best,” continued Dan.

Dan and Mary are T-1 Qualified AMSOIL Dealers and can be reached via email at or phone, 334-315-3619 for all your AMSOIL questions.  Should you desire to order AMSOIL products call 1-800-777-7094 and tell the operator you are calling in reference to ZO 2061366.  For more information go to or

March 2, 2012


AMSOIL, the market leader in Syntheic Lubrication, continues to expand their inventory of products all designed to save people downtime and money.  Four new products were released to dealers and the public on March 1 2012.  Those four are listed below. 

AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost (MOB) increases octane up to three numbers for maximum power and efficiency. It is designed to improve startup performance and eliminate engine ping or knock for increased power at low-rpm operation. It contains detergents that help maintain cleanliness of combustion chambers and fuel delivery systems for optimum performance. At the recommended treat rate, it does not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors and is compatible with other AMSOIL fuel additives. Motorcycle Octane Boost is available in the U.S. only.

This new product joins the already outstanding motorcycle products of 10W – 30, 10W – 40, 20W – 50 and SAE 60 weight oils, Shock Terapy Suspension Fluid, oil filters, air cleaners, greases and chain lube.  Check out information about this new Motorcycle Boost by copying and pasting the following addy to your browser.

AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease and Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease have been reformulated with calcium sulfonate complex thickeners to provide even better protection and performance. The new thickener allows Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease and Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease to provide improved extreme-pressure properties, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high-temperature stability and water resistance at the same price as the previous formulations.
AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease and Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease are now available in convenient 3-oz. cartridge sizes (GLC3P, GWR3P), designed for use with the new AMSOIL Grease Gun. The Grease Gun Kit (GLCKT) includes a 3,600 psi spring-loaded grease gun, flexible hose and 3-oz. cartridge of Multi-Purpose Grease.

To see the AMSOIL grease in comparison with other petroleum greases in the “Pound-Out” demonstration copy and paste this addy to your browser:

New AMSOIL Ea Heavy-Duty Extended-Life Oil Filters (EaHD) provide excellent filtering efficiency and high contaminant capacity for heavy-duty on- and off-road gasoline and diesel applications. They provide extended service intervals that coincide with the maximum drain intervals of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils.  See the construction and filtering information about these new Heavy-Duty Filters that filter at 98.7 Absolute Efficiency at 20 microns by copying and pasting the following addy to your browser:

For further information about these “New” products and other outstanding cost saving products manufactured by the Superior, Wisconsin based company since 1972 can be found at or, or  Should you desire to purchase AMSOIL products you can call 1-800-777.7094. Tell the operator you are calling after information from ZO 9792 and become a Catalog Customer or become a Preferred Customer and purchase at a 25% saving.

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