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November 5, 2009

Looking For Income

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Today there are a lot of people out of work and are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  If you have initiative, sense of responsibility and a desire to have  better life then I would like to talk with you.  While I was teaching in the Air Force, I used the acronym PODCC which stands for Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordinating and Controlling.   You too could employ those attributes and find yourself back in control of your life with your own business opportunity.  There has been much discussion about MLM programs.  I have seen many but there is one that stands out above all others and that is AMSOIL, the leading manufacturer in America of Synthetic Lubricants and Filtration.  I personally know AMSOIL and I speak from experience because in 1972 I turned down the opportunity to have my own business.  And I know Albert J. Amatuzio, President of AMSOIL, personally as he was Commander of the Minnesota Air National Guard at Duluth AFB when I was on the faculty at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  We are both retired Air Force Lt. Colonels and knowing Al pesonally makes the AMSOIL opportunity even more meaningful.  To me AMSOIL is not just another MLM in America but a business that has truly changed the lubrication industry in America.  Through the years manufacturers recommended oil changes every 3,000 miles. Today those changes have increased and when using the best oil filters in the industry those intervals can be 25,000 or one year with the filter change at the same interval.  AMSOIL uses Nano-Fiber technology for their oil and air filters which is the same techology the US Army uses with Abram Tanks.  Better filtration giving longer service life all designed to save the consumer money.  As a matter of fact the most important filter on any equipment is the Air Filter and there is nothing in the market place that can stand up to Nano-Fiber Technology.  You too can have the same opportunity I passed up in 1972, then got smart in 1976, in owning your own business as an AMSOIL Dealer or Preferred Customer to purchase the BEST at COST.  Check it out and lets talk!


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