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November 5, 2009

Two Cycle Oil 100:1 Mix Ratio

So many people today use various items that require two-cycle oil.  Have you checked out the BEST two-cycle oil on the market, AMSOIL, with a 100:1 mix ratio?  AMSOIL has two products utilizing the 100:1 mix ratio, one for outboard motors and the other called Saber oil for chain saws, weed eaters, edgers or even model airplanes.   The reason I bring this to you is because these lubricants are biodegradable meaning they are better for the environment and will not pollute our rivers and streams when using the outboard lubricant.  Users will see no smoke, no plug fouling, no carbon buildup, easier starting and better performance.  Recently I was looking around at one of the major home building stores in my hometown and saw another brand of oil priced at $2.97 for a one ounce bottle that mixes with one gallon of gasoline.  AMSOIL’s 8-oz bottle of two-cycle oil mixed with six gallons of gasoline gives the 100:1 mix ratio and sells for $4.05.  Doesn’t take long to realize that buying an ounce bottle six times adds up to over $18.00 with tax thus saving the consumer over $14.00 and giving the consumer better performance and longer life of the equipment using AMSOIL.  Check it all out at either or  Lets clean up pollution in America by using the best lubricants on the market, AMSOIL.


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