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November 10, 2009


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With fall all around us it will not be long till the cold temperatures will set in and for some they will have snow on the ground.  Is YOUR car and other equipment you use ready for the cold weather?  Now would be a good time to make sure you have the proper lubricants in all your equipment.  AMSOIL’s line of products can satisfy any application?   When was the last time you checked the gear lube in the differential of your car or truck.   This lubricant can be changed at anytime and when I bought my pick-up truck I brought it home and put AMSOIL’s 75W – 90 Gear Lubricant into the rearend immediately.  Now 81,000 miles later the same gear lubricant is in the rearend and the truck runs much cooler and freer with less drag, less friction, less heat and less wear giving the vehicle better performance which has resulted in better gas mileage.  Another area of concern is the Air Filter on your vehicle.   This filter is the most important filter you have on a vehicle therefore you want to use the best available.  AMSOIL’s Air Filter uses the Nano-Fiber Technology which is the same technology the US Army uses with their Abrams Tanks.  This filter gives 98.7%  Absolute Efficiency filtration at 15 Microns.  Pretty small by any standards because the human hair is 80 microns in size.  And the best part about the AMSOIL Air Filter is that it carries a four year/100,000 miles guarantee.  Pretty solid means to saving a consumer money.  Don’t wait get in touch with me today at:


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