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December 31, 2009

Do You Know Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO)

AMSOIL, uses different base stocks, in the manufacturer of their diversified product inventory and the current statement published by AMSOIL states; “As the developer of the world’s FIRST API (American Petroleum Institute) qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, AMSOIL has gained more experience than any other oil company in formulating automotive synthetic lubricants.  It is this extensive experience that provides the ability to maximize product performance through use of a full range of high-performance synthetic base oils, mostly notable POLY ALPHA OLEFIN (PAO). These oils are described as such:  Poly alpha olefins, also known as PAO’s and synthesized hydrocarbons consist of a singular molecular structure.  PAO’s are commonly manufactured by reacting ethylene gas with metallic catalyst.  Consisting of a single molecular structure allows them to function over a broader temperature range than their mineral based counterparts.  Other advantages to PAO’s are a higher viscosity index, excellent shear stability, low desposit formation and inproved biodegradability.

AMSOIL views Synthetic base oils the same as it views additives, with each having its own set of unique properties.  AMSOIL engineers its lubricants with the synthetic base oil or combination of base oils best suited to a  specific lubricant’s application demands (gasoline, diesel, racing, transmission, gears, extended drain, extreme temperature, etc.   Synthetics give longer service life, less pollutants and definitely less waste in our land fills.


December 24, 2009

AMSOIL Grease Testing

Grease is very important to a piece of equipment no matter how large or small.  And with large equipment that is under considerable pressure and use during  a work day operators want to save on that equipment in both performance and down time.  The “NEW” AMSOIL test machine demonstrates the staying power of the AMSOIL grease which will save lots of money over time.

This comparative grease testing video showcases the superior pound-out resistance of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease. Tested with the AMSOIL Impact Simulator, Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease stays in place, while competitive greases explode from the impact zone.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Rewards can come by many different means.  We should all be thankful for the Reason for the Season.  We are thankful for a wonderful family, wonderful grandchildren, good friends, good health, good business partners, a growing economy and a positive attitude that does not get bogged down by the doom and gloom that so many are preaching today.   We choose to remain focused and have a positive attitude of “Where there is a will there is a way”.   As we have heard Zig Ziglar preach so many times, “Stinking Thinking Will Get You Nowhere”.   Today we received an early Christmas present in the form of a 10% Growth Bonus from AMSOIL for our work in 2009.  Work hard and you will be rewarded.  Do nothing and you receive nothing.  That is a great thing about the #1Synthetic Lubrication business in America.  Nothing is Free in the world but if YOU take the steps to succeed your eyes will be the window to the world.  When you find fault with everything around then you are wasting your time and all those around you.  Get rid of Stinking Thinking and you will BE SUCCESSFUL!!  Don’t forget EVERYTHING starts with YOU.

December 17, 2009

NANO-FIBER Technology

People are creatures of habit.  Use what they have been using forever UNLESS someone GIVES them something else to use that does not cost them any money.   The two most important filters on any running piece of equipment is the Air Filter and the Oil Filter.  This is why the U. S. Army developed the Nano-Fiber Technology for their Abrams Tanks.  Tanks are used in dirty dusty conditions and dirt getting into an engine can render that engine useless by seizing it up.   And that is exactly why AMSOIL has moved to the manufacturing of their Air Filters and Oil Filters using the Nano-Fiber concept.  I challenge anyone to go to any parts store in their town and find either one of these items that Guarantees a 98.7 % Absolute Efficiency at 15 microns.   Can the human eye see something 15 microns in size.  I would offer the response of NO. And the reason I say that is because the human hair is 80 microns in size.   I also challenge anyone to go to their local parts store and find an Oil Filter that is guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year service life.  I also challenge you to go to your local parts store and find an Air Filter that is guaranteed for 100,000 miles or four years service life.  Those products DO NOT EXIST Except from AMSOIL, the leader in Synthetic Lubrication.  All these other manufactures are interested in selling products that causes repeat sales.  AMSOIL on the other hand is interested in SAVING the customer that green stuff called Money.   So are you interested in Performance and Savings or are you a creature of habit and continue to spend money on products that get you by.  Find out how to save yourself money by dropping me an email at: or going to TODAY.

December 15, 2009

Know The Facts About Engine Oils

I continue to be amazed how little most people know and understand motor oils that provide lubrication to vehicles they drive and/or use with other equipment.  Most rely on what they learn from others or through advertising  seen on TV or in a magazine.  BUT that does not provide the background and information necessary to give positive results.  Most car manufacturers stipulate that petroleum oils should be changed at certain intervals.  But Why?? When one lives in cold climates pour point should be the important factor.  When one lives where temperatures become very hot then a NOACK Volatility test would be important.  And what about wear on engine parts, then the Four-Ball Wear Test should be studied. All of these test results can be found in AMSOIL’s Comparative Motor Oil Study conducted using well known brands on the market today.  Oils used in this study were the following:  AMSOIL Synthetic, Castrol GTX, Chevron Supreme, Shell Formula, Valvoline SynPower, Mobil1 Extended Performance, Motorcraft Synthetic Blend, Kendall GT-1 High Performance, Pennzoil Platinum, Quaker State Horse Power and Trop Arctic Synthetic Blend.  Just because you can purchase a product off the shelf at Wal-Mart or your favorite parts store and they offer oil change and filter for $16.95 or thereabouts does not mean you are getting the best.  You could be getting something that will cost you more money in the long run.  Remember all petroleum manufacturing companies have various grade oils thus cheaper pricing.   So do yourself a favor, read and understand what gives the parts in your engine the best performance.

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December 11, 2009

Trucking Is Expensive BUT Money Can Be Saved

Over-the-road trucking is a tough gig and it is expensive.  Not only do trucking companies look to save money but Independent Owner/Operators also like to save.  Those bonuses goes right in their hip pocket.   The PROOF is in the pudding and many truckers today are using the finest Synthetic Lubricants on the market with AMSOIL as per Gerlach Trucking of Erskine, Minnesota. One of the over-the-road truckers who became an AMSOIL Dealer because of the savings and the performance was the Late Tommy Thompson of Louisville, Ky. (Tommy passed away five years ago from cancer)  Tommy used AMSOIL for two years in his own truck which he drove for Jim Beam before he would even talk to another trucker.  He wanted to make sure the products would so what they were claimed to do.  And the way he sold other truckers on the product was by telling them; OK you don’t believe huh.  Let’s take your tractor out on I-65 in such and such a gear.  Then we will kick it out of gear at mile post so and so and coast to a stop.  We will go back to my shop, which was behind the Ford Plant in Louisville, and I will put the Gear Lube in each axle and the transmission.  Then we will go back to I-65 and do the same thing.  IF you don’t see 10% greater rolling distance I will pay for the lube.  Tommy Thompson NEVER payed for any lube.  The results were there.   Charles Smallwood, was another customer of Tommy Thompson.  Charles had a truck named Miss Marguerite. He hauled produce between Louisville and the West Coast.  The 1981 Peterbilt had a “Big Cam” 400 engine, 15-speed overdrive transmission and a 4:11 rearend, with air brakes and power steering. Charlie stated the old gal turns 2200 rpm at 92 mph.   Miss Marguerite appeared in the March 1982 edition of American Trucker Magazine.   Charles saved over $16,000 a year operating costs because of AMSOIL.   When Tommy Thompson did a major on the truck after 600,000 miles, the greatest wear found was .0003.  And I might add using AMSOIL will definitely decrease emissions into the environment.   Too good to be true.  You Have To Believe To Achieve. Changeover NOW for the New Year and become a Believer!!

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December 10, 2009

AMSOIL Inproves Motorcycle Performance

Many motorcycle enthusiasts have turned to AMSOIL’s Motorcycle Lubricants because these products show increased performance for their bikes.   Riders look for decreased heat when riding long rides and smoother operation.  That they will find with AMSOIL Motorcycle oils.  Not only decreased heat but more power and less wear on all parts of the drive train.   Whereas many are use to changing oil frequently, many Harley riders are now riding 6,000 to 7,000 miles before changing the oil.  Not only does AMSOIL satisfy their need with lubricants but AMSOIL oil filters give longer life to the oil.  One rider has a 2003 HD Classic Trike which he bought with 3,500 miles on it. Switched to AMSOIL’s 20W-50 oil in everything and now with over 20,000 and no problems.  On a recent trip from Ct. to Nv. he rode 6,319 miles and no oil change.  Has more power, no valve noise or clung shifting and runs much quieter.  Another rider has a 1997 HD Electra Glide.  Had 17,000 when he purchased the bike.  He uses the AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil in the engine, the AMSOIL 10W-40 in the in the primary and the Sever Gear 75-90 in the Transmission.   His brother rode a 1998 HD Road King using the HD Syn3 oil.  He had to add oil while is brother’s bike used no oil.   Running 1,988 hard miles the AMSOIL showed no use.  The HD Syn 3 burned oil thus the brother switched from the HD Syn 3 to AMSOIL.  This performance results in his becoming an AMSOIL dealer and using AMSOIL in everything that had a motor.   This is the kind of performance AMSOIL products provide for the consumer.

Contact me today at: http://www.The1stSyntheticoilcom  and learn more about enhancing the performance of your bike or even markeing these fine lubricants.

December 8, 2009


Messages on the importance of being “green” and erasing our carbon footprints are everywhere these days.  Consumers are becoming increasingly more conscious about how the purchasing decisions they make impact the environment.  On the other hand, worries over rising costs of everyday purchases (fuel, groceries, etc.) have consumers scrambling to find a product they can feel good about that won’t break the bank. Enter AMSOIL.

Since the introduction of the world’s first synthetic motor oil, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have been setting new standards for motor oil quality.  They are specially designed to protect engine components, reduce emissions, last longer, reduce fuel consumption and prevent environmental pollution.  From the beginning, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have outperformed conventional petroleum motor oils on all counts.

AMSOIL INC. has been dedicated to helping reduce negative impacts on the environment. AMSOIL was the first to recommend 25,000-mile/one-year drain intervals.  By safely extending drain intervals, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants dramatically cut the amount of oil consumed and emissions produced.  This is not a new fad that AMSOIL is jumping on board with; it is the way AMSOIL has always operated.

In addition to the extended drain intervals, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are specially designed to protect engine components, extending the life of the engine and reducing the need for replacing engine parts.  They are also thermally stable with a strong resistance to high temperature volatility (burn-off), preventing sludge deposits and keeping engines clean. Low volatility and clean operation reduce oil consumption and emissions.

The advanced lubricity (slipperiness) of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants has also been proven to increase fuel economy.  This reduces dependency on foreign oil and overall fuel consumption.  The resulting improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction of emission levels contribute to the conservations of natural resources and protection of the atmosphere.

AMSOIL INC. doesn’t just leave the responsibilities of environmental protection to the products; the company itself is diligent in making efforts to keeping the earth clean.  AMSOIL recycles virtually 100 percent of the corrugated trays and packaging boxes that come into its facilities, equaling several tons of recycled cardboard each month.  All used steel drums and all “clean” plastic bottles are also recycled.

AMSOIL INC. is determined to continue to set the bar high for the lubrication industry across the board, including with regards to environmental responsibilities.  Our long-standing quality products lead the way to a greener, healthier planet for all.

For more information on how AMSOIL can benefit you log on to or email me at

Thank you to AMSOIL dealer Derrick Shannon for this excellent piece of work which I had to share with everyone.

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