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December 11, 2009

Trucking Is Expensive BUT Money Can Be Saved

Over-the-road trucking is a tough gig and it is expensive.  Not only do trucking companies look to save money but Independent Owner/Operators also like to save.  Those bonuses goes right in their hip pocket.   The PROOF is in the pudding and many truckers today are using the finest Synthetic Lubricants on the market with AMSOIL as per Gerlach Trucking of Erskine, Minnesota. One of the over-the-road truckers who became an AMSOIL Dealer because of the savings and the performance was the Late Tommy Thompson of Louisville, Ky. (Tommy passed away five years ago from cancer)  Tommy used AMSOIL for two years in his own truck which he drove for Jim Beam before he would even talk to another trucker.  He wanted to make sure the products would so what they were claimed to do.  And the way he sold other truckers on the product was by telling them; OK you don’t believe huh.  Let’s take your tractor out on I-65 in such and such a gear.  Then we will kick it out of gear at mile post so and so and coast to a stop.  We will go back to my shop, which was behind the Ford Plant in Louisville, and I will put the Gear Lube in each axle and the transmission.  Then we will go back to I-65 and do the same thing.  IF you don’t see 10% greater rolling distance I will pay for the lube.  Tommy Thompson NEVER payed for any lube.  The results were there.   Charles Smallwood, was another customer of Tommy Thompson.  Charles had a truck named Miss Marguerite. He hauled produce between Louisville and the West Coast.  The 1981 Peterbilt had a “Big Cam” 400 engine, 15-speed overdrive transmission and a 4:11 rearend, with air brakes and power steering. Charlie stated the old gal turns 2200 rpm at 92 mph.   Miss Marguerite appeared in the March 1982 edition of American Trucker Magazine.   Charles saved over $16,000 a year operating costs because of AMSOIL.   When Tommy Thompson did a major on the truck after 600,000 miles, the greatest wear found was .0003.  And I might add using AMSOIL will definitely decrease emissions into the environment.   Too good to be true.  You Have To Believe To Achieve. Changeover NOW for the New Year and become a Believer!!

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