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March 27, 2010

Get The Real Facts About Synthetic vs Petroleum

After being associated with the #1 synthetic lubrication company in the world, AMSOIL, for 34 years I continue to be amazed how naive the general public is about sythetic lubricants.   AMSOIL continually produces information which proves what people like to know and should know about WHY synthetics are far superior to petroluem products and the reasons WHY they are far superior.   One area I have been associated with through the years is racing and racers are notorious for trying to improve over their competitors with time.  Well they only have to open their eyes and engage their brain to  see what gives them faster times with less friction, less drag, less heat and less wear.  That produces more torque to the drivetrain which means more horsepower.  The reason they don’t get those faster times is they THINK they know what is the best but in reality they continue to use second rate petroleum products.  Basically they are not smart in how they spend their money.


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