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June 10, 2011


The #1 Synthetic Lubrication Marketing Company in America, AMSOIL, is constantly making changes to their product line for the betterment of customers across America.   AMSOIL Expands their Signature Line of Oils grouping all 25,000 mile or one year service life products under the Signature Label.  AMSOIL now has Three Tiers of Lubricating oils, The OE Line which is a 5,000 mile oil for brand new engines, the XL Line which is a 10,000 mile Oil or one year service life and the 25,000 mile or one year service life Signature Line of Oils. 

Additionally, AMSOIL has developed a Special Section Motorcycle Lookup Guide for Motorcycles and other Powersports Equipment which will tell the correct oil for that equipment along with other items for the Motorcycle, ATV, etc.

All of this information can be checked out by clicking on the following link:

And as is happening across America with problems in the Economy, AMSOIL will institute a Price Increase of Certain Products on 1 July 2011 mainly on lubrication oils amounting to an increase of approximately five to eight percent.   These costs are being increased because the base materials used by AMSOIL, Poly Alpha Olefins, have been increased by their supplier.   New Pricing, effective 1 July 2011, can be seen by  going to and clicking on an appropriate heading.  That will take you to the AMSOIL website which will show the NEW Retail Pricing. 

Should you desire to purchase products you can call an AMSOIL operator at 1-800-777-7094 and giving him/her ZO 9792 as your contact.






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