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February 19, 2015



For further information about AMSOIL products and pricing you can go to or

Should you desire to purchase products at cost as a Dealer or Preferred Customer call; 1-800-777-7094 and give the operator ZO 9792.

AMSOIL now offers an auto-renew option for Dealers and Preferred Customers who wish to avoid the hassle of renewing their Dealership or membership on an annual basis. To reward those who commit to an ongoing Dealership or membership, auto-renew Dealerships and PC memberships are priced at $25/year and $16/year respectively ($37/year and $25/year in Canada). Dealers and PCs who choose the auto-renew option must pay by credit card. AMSOIL will charge the card annually until the Dealer or customer terminates the Dealership or membership. In addition, the five-year PC renewal option has reduced from $80 to $75 and the less-popular 10-year renewal option has been discontinued.

Dealers and Preferred Customers whose Dealerships or memberships are nearing expiration will notice additional prompts to renew online as well. New reminders have been added to the Dealer and PC Zones, and a new “Renew Account” option has been added to the Login dropdown menu at A final reminder showing Dealers and PCs their renewal options and amount saved off retail for the past year has also been added to the online checkout process. Each of these features is activated only when the Dealer or PC’s Dealership or membership is within 60 days of expiration.

Renewal Pricing
U.S. Dealer Auto-Renew: $25/year 1-Year: $30 5-Year: $120
Can. Dealer Auto-Renew: $37/year 1-Year: $45 5-Year: $180
U.S. Preferred Customer Auto-Renew: $16/year 1-Year: $20 5-Year: $75
Can. Preferred Customer Auto-Renew: $25/year 1-Year: $30 5-year: $120

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