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July 9, 2017



Here we are 45 years since the introduction of Synthetic Lubrication in America by Albert J. Amatuzio and his company, AMSOIL. Still today there are folks who DO NOT BELIEVE. Guess those folks are still driving Model T’s and can work on an engine by stepping inside that engine for mataintence. Forty-Five years ago we did not go to the Moon either but today we have and along with those developments have come many other things. I have been in the AMSOIL business since the early 70’s and look forward to technological developments to make things better. I continue to look for studies that show just how good Synthetics are over Petroleum lubricants and how in fact it will SAVE time and money to the consumer. So here are three very informative studies I have found that hopefully will give insight on why I believe people should use and purchase REAL Synthetic Lubricants which AMSOIL does provide. NOT Everything being touted as “Synthetic” meets the standard of a TRUE Synthetic so judge for yourself as to what you buy that meets your need.

Here are three studies you can peruse to be better informed about Synthetic Lubrication: Copy and Paste each to your browser. Study 2 is an AAA Study and very comprehensive.


(2) file:///C:/Users/William%20Desmond/Downloads/Research-Report-Synthetic-vs-Conventional.pdf


Once you have read these studies please provide me some feedback as to your thoughts. For more information go to or  You can purchase AMSOIL products at cost, saving 25%, if you are so interested.  ASK ME HOW!  Should you desire to purchase on your own call 1-800-777-7094 and tell the operator you are working with ZO 9792.


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