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November 11, 2009


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Happy Veterans Day to all who have served our country.  And ironically, AMSOIL, was started by an Air Force Veteran, Albert J. Amatuzio.  Albert J. is a retired Air Force Lt. Col., who has made a most significant contribution to the United States by developing lubricants that have totally revolutionized the lubrication industry.   AMSOIL, is made in the United States, by Americans and for Americans, and is NOT DEPENDENT on the import of foreign oil.   The money acquired by AMSOIL supports Americans just as any FREE Enterprise system should.   Jobs are not shipped overseas to manufacture products and with eleven product warehouses across the United States product availability is almost immediate.  People are always talking about the need for alternative sources of energy. Well WE HAVE IT!!  AMSOIL is better for the environment because synthetic lubricant do not pollute like petroleum.  They last longer requiring less frequent oil and filter changes meaning less waste in our landfills.  So get on board today and do your part to SAVE, ECONOMIZE, and MAKE AMERICA the Land Of Opportunity, which it is!!!


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